Access Control Systems

No need for keys with an access control system. You can have the choice of a code entry pin, swipe cards or key fobs. Each user can be programmed to have access to all areas or only to some areas with just the one pin code, swipe card or key fob. The access control system can also log users for record keeping or in the case of theft, damage or assault. Access control systems can also make doors lock or unlock at certain times. Eg, doors unlock at 8.00am for office staff to gain entry and lock at 6.00pm when all staff have left and only users with the high level of access can lock and unlock that door.

Why Should I Buy It?
Would you like to enter a building or home with out keys? Well an access control system is for you. It may be that you just don’t want keys to get in to your home or on a larger scale, you have a commercial application where multiple keys are an expensive option-including replacing. With an access control system you can have different areas/doors that only some people can access or you may have areas that every one can go. You can also have an event log so that you can track or search for a particular user in the case of a theft, damage or assault.


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