Home Automation

I-Control™ provides a wide range of options with smart switching and dimming functions for lighting control. From simple switching to dynamic scenes, all aspects of lighting control can be programmed to operate from any control device including security devices. The system can be directly controlled using the light switch or remotely contrlled using the key ring remote, infrared remote, via the telephone or over the internet. I-Control™ can work with a building and its occupants to improve energy efficiency by using a combination of timers, movement detectors. Other sensors can be programmed to automatically control devices like blinds, air conditioning, floor heating and other electrical appliances to minimise energy use and gain maximum advantage from natural factors such as light. I-Control™ can help manage water consumption. Using timers and inputs from sensor devices, garden irrigation functions can be regulated to maximize the effectiveness of water usage. 

Why Should I Buy It?
A total solution for the intelligent building – I-Control™ is a fully programmable home and building automation system that can combine and control other building systems including lighting control, security, motorised doors and blinds, pumps and water features, access control and energy management. 


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