Video Surveilance (CCTV)

From a simple home installation to a large building, a video sureillance system will be the right choice for recording events and/or activities. Cameras can be located in most location to cover an area which you would like to monitor. With a digital video recorder, it will save information onto its internal hard drive and sit there until you need it or untill it needs to re-write over the recorded information. A DVR system can be logged on to from a remote location or a local location, to view or search data of recorded events.

Why Should I Buy It?
To help protect loved ones and valubles, and also to have a piece of mind while you may not be at home or business, events can be recorded so that you can investegate any issue that may come up, whether it be assault, damage or theft. You can also keep an eye on things even if you are out of the area or in a different state by the use of a computer and an internet connection. 


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